THE WOMEN (1939)

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I had absolutely no desire to see the 2008 “updated” version of The Women so I substituted the original for the new release. I’m not quite sure why I’ve never viewed this before, but I made a point to really take some time with it. Unfortunately, I had no idea how much time that would actually become. It’s true that there are terrific performances by so many great actresses of that era, but I found the story rambling and far too involved. I was fully engaged for the first half, but when the setting turned to Reno, I simply got bored. Perhaps I’m just too young to grasp the significance of society women heading to Reno for a divorce, but the entire segment seemed disjointed and purposeless and far, far too long. I was pleased, however, with the final act of the film and satisfied with myself for sticking with it to the end. What puzzles me, though, is all the continued glory that is placed on this film and its stars. Joan Crawford, always noted as a highlight of this movie, just didn’t have enough screen time or character development for me to find her performance “legendary”. It was actually Rosalind Russell who captured me, giving a performance that made me think of Debra Messing again and again (not to mention the physical similarities). Though a bizarre thing to take away with me, Russell’s role is what made this film enjoyable in the end. I’m simply not on board with The Women being one of the best films of all time.

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