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Season One

I first heard about the 1999 British television series Spaced a couple of months ago when the series DVD was released, and all it took to peak my interest was this statement: “Spaced is about a generation of adults who live and die under pop culture’s influence, the kind of people still recovering from the disappointment of Star Wars, Episode 1.” Well, of course, I’m that demographic, so I began my search for the DVD. And now, after viewing the first season tonight, I am excited to have found one more artistic entry that validates my own obsessions.

Despite the ridiculous, over-the-top, visual movie references — some of which are played out in full dream sequences and some of which are placed in the background of “normal” scenes — Spaced is actually a very level comedy featuring a developing friendship between roommates Daisy and Tim. Their relationship is so sweet and absolutely realistic that it’s never necessary to explain it or analyze it or even make obvious references in dialogue. It’s simply played out in the daily activities of the characters’ lives, which are also simple and uncontrived. It is always refreshing to me when a comedy doesn’t try to explain itself, doesn’t tell me when to laugh or pause to show me where I am intended to express emotion. As my viewing progressed through these first seven episodes, the characters and their sweet friendship and their personal situations and their wacky neighbors all became more and more endearing. Even when some of the pop culture references flew over my head, I still found myself laughing until little tears formed at the corners of my eyes. This is how comedic television should be done. I’m just sorry that there is only one more season of Spaced to enjoy.

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