heavy heart… but always with hope

I’m catching up a little tonight, checking the blogs of those people who populate my world, and my heart is heavy from the challenges that are facing so many friends. One is filled simultaneously with the joy of a newborn son and heartache from the loss of a father. Another aches from his wife’s recent cancer diagnosis while continuing to shepherd a flock of believers. In my own extended family there have been many weeks of living with cancer, as well, and trying to grasp just what God has purposed in all of this. For each of these people, and so many more, I am overwhelmed with concern and filled with emotions that expand in my throat. But I am also lifted in spirit by their words. There is no resentment, no bitterness, no crushing anger. Instead, there is hope. Great, encompassing hope. I praise God for it. He is the source of such freedom. We certainly can’t reach such a place through human power. Jesus gave us example after example of how to live — and I mean live — in the midst of crushing opposition, and God sends us His Spirit to carry us through those dark and difficult days. Without Him, there would be no hope. And without hope, there would be … nothing.

I am encouraged today by the words of my friends. In the midst of such potential anguish, each and every one has hope. Each and every one is finding joy in these challenges. We don’t have to understand. We may never get to that point. But we can find unspeakable joy in the center of despair, and I am so thankful for these living examples of Christ’s heart. God gets the glory.


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