Borders bookstoreTonight I nixed my standard summer routine of Friday night movie to simply browse the shelves at the new Borders bookstore in my area. Three hours of heaven! And so very unusual! I’m a movie hound (no doubt!) and usually that is my choice of relaxation and escape after a particularly long and stressful day. But today was different. As the hours ticked by I found myself increasingly restless, working very hard to complete the day’s tasks by 5:00 so I could finally shake it all off and go someplace else. As the final moments approached, however, I realized that I wasn’t looking to escape visually but rather mentally. I wanted to wander, to walk and chill. I could think of no better place than a bookstore — and a shiny new one, at that! I simply wandered the stacks, pen and paper in hand to jot down interesting titles for later investigation. After a couple of hours I picked up a fruity frozen drink and created a pile of home decorating books two feet high, then found a comfy chair and let myself be inspired. This, for me, is pure bliss. A perfect evening of solitude (in the midst of dozens of like-minded shoppers), and a much-needed break from my own thoughts. Plus, after all that browsing, I only spent ten bucks in the store, picking up a book for my niece and EW for me. A perfect, perfect end to this very full week.


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