Beijing beginning

Atanas Nikolovski of MacedoniaI find a hero in every cycle of the Olympic Games, but I never expected to find a single face that fascinated me so quickly in the fortnight. Early in the Parade of Nations at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, Atanas Nikolovski of Macedonia was truly appealing, not only in his pure beauty but in his radiant pride, as well. After such a spectacular opening ceremony, this face was a perfect reminder of what I always love about the Olympics: the joy of the individual athletes and the shining spotlight on everyday heroes. I look forward to a glorious 16 days in which I’ll watch a sport I’ve never even considered before (whitewater kayak) just to see how Nikolovski fares. No other arena could make this happen!


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  1. maja nikolovska

    From Atanas’ wife:
    I’m really happy that you noticed something that I thought only the closer family of Atanas would. I was astonished to read such a comment from someone. I assure you that all that you have wrote is absolutely true. Atanas loves his country very much and he was the pridest man on earth to have such an opportunity to carry the national flag. Tomorrow is his race and we all hope for the best. He had a really tough time during the qualifications for the olympic games, bad health and everything but God watches over us all. Thanks for your sincere comment once again. Have a nice time watching the olympic games. many many greetings.


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