February 15, 2008 at Movies 16, Allen, Texas


My first awareness of Jumper came in January of this year when the trailer aired on television. It was lucky I even caught it as I always skip forward past all advertisements while watching my favorite tv shows, but in the momentary glimpse as I skipped past it I saw just enough of the premise to go back and watch the entire clip. The concept of teleporting was not enough to draw me in, but the film had a definite ‘cool factor’ and I was immediately intrigued. I began watching the same ad each time I saw it, and my anticipation of the film grew and grew. It took almost two weeks for me to realize that the fleeting image of the main character was none other than Hayden Christensen, whom I truly enjoy and of whom I never see enough. That cemented my interest enough to see it on its release day. It was a perfect Valentine gift to myself.

Jumper is completely my kind of film. It is fast-paced, action-packed, with an intriguing storyline and a lead actor I follow. Seeing this on release day kept me from being shaped by critical response and allowed me to really settle in and give it the full popcorn-fare treatment usually reserved for summer blockbusters. This is the kind of movie I like to see alone, allowing me to get fully caught up in the action onscreen and forcing me to keep my comments inside my own head. And that elevated Jumper to a movie that warms my soul. Whatever its flaws (and wasted plot is a big flaw), I completely loved this movie. I loved the visual of the teleport sequences, I loved the “around-the-world” travel shots, and I LOVED the look of Christensen. Even the weirdness of the story as it developed into something entirely unexpected and, by the end, incomplete doesn’t change my opinion of the film. I don’t care if no one else in the world enjoys it… it’s still going to be a favorite of mine for this year. All I care about is that I was transported for an hour and a half by a sexy lead actor and met a truly enchanting Jamie Bell (how have I been missing him?). Sometimes that’s all a movie needs to do for me.

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