2008 Oscar Ritual : AWAY FROM HER

DVD viewing

Nominated for Best Actress (Julie Christie) and Adapted Screenplay

Much acclaim has been focused toward Julie Christie for her performance as a woman afflicted with Alzheimer’s Disease, all of which is due, but the real heart of Away From Her lies in Gordon Pinsent’s aggrieved husband. His performance is moving and heartbreaking and captivating during every second he is on the screen. During those few moments when he is not, his presence still inhabits the scene. All of the story is told in and through Pinsent, and most often it is seen in his face and in his eyes.

The film is quite touching, as one might expect, and it is an honest portrayal of the effects the disease has on relationships. There is not one moment that causes a mind to stray from the story, and there is not one moment in which I couldn’t help but think, “There, but for the grace of God, go we.” Writer/director Sarah Polley has crafted an exquisite first feature with breathtaking visuals and quiet truth. Away From Her truly left me spent.

image from Rotten Tomatoes


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  1. This was a pretty good flick.


  2. This was certainly one of the best directorial debuts I’ve seen in a long time, one of the elite of the decade. I heard Polley had to beg Christie to take on this role, and I’m glad she did. I think Gordon Pinsent was just splendid and really equally as impressive in this film.


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