I have a dream…

The call of God is like the call of the sea;
no one hears it but the one
who has the nature of the sea in him.

— Oswald Chambers

I have a dream. Today I realize I have always had a dream. From childhood the dream has been the same — but I often have not recognized it. All I have ever wanted to do is travel and experience the vast cultures of our world, to immerse myself in people and place. I want to see how others live; I want to live among them. I want to know everything about this fascinating community of humans on this earth. And suddenly, today, I understand that this is the dream my heavenly Father has placed in my heart. He created me with a great desire for knowledge, a spirit of tremendous wanderlust, a merciful heart, and a talent to write all that I experience in a way that engages other people. Suddenly I realize that my God has been cultivating all of these qualities throughout my entire life.

Now, at this very moment, I understand that this is my dream — and the mission He spoke to me in Romania is the revelation of that dream. My dream is to minister to God’s people throughout the world. What a great and precious honor!


About Jules Q

sharing stories of life, faith, and love for pop culture

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