The clouds from my window lie below with a canopy of clearest blue. They are puffy, billowy, like meringue with round peaks. It occurs to me that this must be the view of the ground in Antarctica – purest white as far as the eye can see, peaks rising from the surface every few feet, reminding me how small I really am.

After a while the cloud carpet breaks and I see peaks of another sort, what must be mountains beneath the clouds though they are so small as to appear unreal. As I watch this wonderland pass slowly by I am filled with awe. And I am overwhelmed at the magnitude of the God who created all of this for me to behold.

My thoughts turn to the days ahead. The same God who created the heavens has asked us to share His love story with His people. That He would ask me is astounding enough, but to realize that He so loves people that He wants to draw them close is more than I can comprehend. And I am truly overwhelmed.

The magnitude of what I am traveling toward is astounding. I am full. I can only trust the Lord to believe that I am ready. It is not in my power but in the power of the Spirit. I am reminded of my dad’s words to me this morning: “This is when we understand what Paul said, ‘When I am weak, then I am strong.’”

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