We moved from Agrişu-Mare today to Florin’s home in Hunedoara-Timişana, 15 km outside of Arad. Much of the day was spent in the car as we ran back and forth to the city to carry children, walk the streets for an hour to take photos, visit Florin’s friends from Alabama (long-term missionaries living in a nearby village), then return to pick up Florin’s wife Gabriela from work, then return again that night to take grandparents and Florin’s son Robert to the family flat in Arad. We managed to squeeze in a quick trip to the bakery to order a birthday cake for Florin’s youngest son David, where we actually ran into a couple from Chicago, Illinois, who were overjoyed at hearing American English from people on the streets. In the evening we also managed to have a church service before closing the night with a shopping trip in Selgros, the Sam’s-like supermarket. Such a full day, but it felt like downtime, and for this I am grateful.

I have many stories about the welcoming spirit of the Romanian people, about driving in Romania (it must be what NASCAR drivers experience!), about similarities to our own lives in America. I am simply full today. God is really allowing me to absorb Arad and its surrounding villages. And walking the streets in the city of Arad, in our short time there, was exhilarating! I felt much like I did when I visited Chicago – as if I were part of something and could make a life there. The city was energizing, and I found myself wishing I could spend days just wandering up and down the streets, observing daily life. We had a chance to return briefly after dark and took an amazing picture of their city hall in lighted splendor. I fell in love with the bustle of the city, with its architecture, and even with its traffic. I could envision myself living in the midst of it and loving every minute. Maybe one day the Lord will allow it.

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Arad city hall


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