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He was my greatest surprise. In all of my reading about Factory Girl I completely forgot Hayden Christensen’s involvement. I was further surprised to see him work an obvious representation of Bob Dylan. And in the end, Hayden is all I take away from the film.

I know very little about Andy Warhol, even less about Edie Sedgwick, but like most I have always held a curiosity that drew me toward Warhol’s work and toward stories of The Factory. This fascination drew me to this film, though I knew that I would likely find many things unsettling or beyond my desire to experience. This was true; I cannot say I enjoyed the film. I used the fast forward button on many scenes. But I did find myself drawn to the love story between Sedgwick and “the musician” (denied by Dylan to be himself). It was my utter joy to be drawn into this romance, to forget Christensen and see only who he attempted to recreate. Granted, my knowledge of Bob Dylan is even more limited than Warhol, but what I do know allowed me to recognize what Hayden Christensen was presenting. And that representation gave me a new respect for the actor and a bit of interest in learning about Dylan, as well.

Though I have no desire to see Factory Girl again in its entirety, I think I’ll probably want to return to the love story. It is what resonated after the film ended, though I do give credit to Guy Pearce for embodying Warhol as I expected him to appear. I suppose this means that I enjoyed the performances for the art they were meant to be. It’s too bad the film could not reach that same level of accomplishment.

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