July 28, 2007 – DVD Rental

I’m not a big fan of dark films, will hardly ever see a horror film, and don’t particularly care for monster movies. When Underworld was released I didn’t have much interest in it, despite my general respect for Kate Beckinsale and Scott Speedman. Underworld just wasn’t my type of film. But when I discovered Wentworth Miller and began to explore his filmography I had to step cautiously into this world. I recorded it from a television airing, making certain it was censored and that I could skip anything I didn’t want or need to see. Of course, I promptly discovered that Wentworth Miller is barely even a supporting character, having two actual scenes, both fleeting, but I was drawn into the story nonetheless. So I watched and actually enjoyed Underworld, which then made it necessary to watch its sequel.

In my opinion, Underworld Evolution is a better film. Yes, it’s more slick and more convoluted, but the film does well to focus its energy on the love story and use the war between vampires and werewolves as context. The settings are richer, the story simple, and the action even more pronounced. The action itself is a character. And it is mostly the reason that I did enjoy Underworld Evolution. I’ve also come to see Beckinsale in a completely different light than I did before these films. Seeing actors stretch their range is one of the main reasons I love movies so much. And branching into new genres is equally enjoyable, from time to time. I’m still not a fan of monster movies, but I’m apt to be more drawn to them if they are as easily digestible as the Underworld movies. But only if the actors are as enticing as the originals.

image from Rotten Tomatoes


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