Summer Film Series – Vol. 5, No. 5: OCEAN’S THIRTEEN

July 8, 2007, at Cinemark Allen 16, Allen, Texas

What can be said about the Ocean’s movies that hasn’t already been said? They are delightfully goofy, and the cast continues to impress with each new film. I have enjoyed seeing them grow in their characters to where they now appear to be second skins, and this time I loved having Andy Garcia play with the crew instead of against them. He was hysterical in his delight at getting the best of Al Pacino’s character. In fact, Garcia gave me my only laugh out loud moment in all of Thirteen. The rest of the time I spent in a constant state of chuckle. And that may be my only disappointment.

Most critics hated Ocean’s Twelve, but I have a great love for it. I found that caper to be appropriately complex and engaging, whereas the hijinx in Thirteen were simply a scam to be played out. I was saddened that there was no “twist” to be revealed at the end (surely no one would categorize the Toulour moment as such since it was obvious from the start what had taken place and what had not), but rather the audience was in on the scam from start to finish. This isn’t how Ocean’s began, and it disappointed me that the supposed swan song went out in this fashion. That doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy the film, I simply expected more.

What has been most amazing to me throughout the run of this franchise is my increased interest in Brad Pitt. I have never jumped onto the bandwagon of Pitt fans, have never found him anything other than talented in his craft. But at some point during his commentary on the Eleven DVD, I found myself quite impressed with his humor and his charisma, and in each successive Ocean’s film I have found his character of Rusty Ryan to be my touchpoint. I was quite surprised to realize that two hours of Thirteen had found me watching Pitt more than any other actor or character in the film. And that’s a huge deal for a movie that included Clooney, an Affleck, and my beloved Matt Damon. To have Brad Pitt fall square in the middle of my pop culture consciousness is a tremendous feat, and I’ll always be thankful to these films for that one thing.

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