Summer Film Series – Vol. 5, No. 3: PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN – AT WORLD’S END

June 23, 2007, at Movies 14, McKinney, Texas

I absolutely loved this film, and for so many reasons! Visually it is definitely the most impressive, and the story was more engaging than any of its predecessors. It has a perfect balance of beloved characters and new ones, coupled with a most suprising array of talent. And the ending was satisfying. If there are no other Pirates movies, I will feel the story is complete.

Specifically, I love that, despite the sudden public embrace of Johnny Depp after so many years, Depp was allowed to be quirky and unhinged yet chose restraint in this third film. Even the sequence involving multiple Sparrows had a degree of subtlety that many actors would not have achieved in the same role. He was truly brilliant and deserving of critical acclaim.

I love that Keira Knightley displayed a little-seen penchant for comedy, and it worked! She is supremely gifted, and I’m thrilled that such a vehicle as these films has given the world a chance to love her.

I love that this movie allowed a place for Chow-Yun Fat and that he played his role with a glint in his eye.

I love that the final (post-credits) scene featured Orlando Bloom in such a way that I am reminded just how truly beautiful he is — something I had forgotten in these years of Orli-mania.

But most of all I love that the core of At World’s End is a love story and that I was enraptured despite my physical aversion to the characters involved. I was moved by them and enveloped by their angst, and as the story played out I felt honest heartache on their behalf. And that’s what makes this second sequel such a success: At World’s End reached far beyond the prior films to engage me within, yet it did not sacrifice any of the elements that endear the films to me. Very few trilogies can claim that.

image from Moviefone


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