June 21, 2007, at Movies 14, McKinney, Texas

I am an unapologetic fan of the first Fantastic Four film, so I was thrilled with a second one this summer. I love Ioan Gruffudd, Michael Chiklis, and the delightfully irreverent Julian McMahon, and I enjoy the simple good fun presented in these films. But when I saw the first images of the Silver Surfer character, and then the cool trailer, I knew that this sequel would be a favorite for that character alone. And he did not disappoint.

Although it took me almost half an hour to see past Jessica Alba’s horrific “tan” and over-bleached hair, I thoroughly enjoyed the film. Alba is a terrible actress, but the screenwriters had the foresight to place her in scenes with strong visual effects where very little attention would be paid to her. This made my viewing smoother so that eventually I was no longer jarrred out of every scene by her inclusion. When the Surfer finally arrived on camera, the film soared. Whether he was racing through the skies or locked onto earth, the Surfer stole every single scene in the film. And I didn’t even mind seeing my favorite actors relegated to supporting moments.

The CGI Surfer was practically flawless, and the actor who gave him physical form was thoroughly impressive to watch. Having the voice of Laurence Fishburne was a brilliant bit of casting, as well. I would have enjoyed another complete story of this character alone, but I was also happy with the elements in this film. When the movie ended, I was completely satisfied and knew for certain that this would be a movie for repeat viewing. With so many comic movies in current pop culture, it’s getting more difficult to compete, but I feel that Rise of the Silver Surfer held its own amidst the fray.

image from Moviefone


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