how they get me, part two

Not only do the Network PTB find it important to make me watch a new series by including an old favorite, but now, apparently, it is utterly important that I become a viewer of an old mainstay. With the announcement that Jeremy Sisto (who turned in one of my favorite representations of Jesus the Christ) would join the cast of Law and Order, I now realize that my resistance to that franchise is utterly futile.

Despite my love for crime shows, L&O has never quite reeled me in permanently. I’m inclined to watch the occasional Criminal Intent episode, but mostly that is due to an extreme affection for Vincent D’Onofrio that dates all the way back to his role of “Thor” in Adventures In Babysitting. I’ve even been suckered into those TNT marathons and will sometimes watch hours of the original L&O despite my better judgement. But it’s never been a conscious choice or planned occurrence so that I could always say I was not a fan of Law and Order. And now I succumb.

What’s next? Forcing me to endure Horatio Caine?


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