and this is how they get me…

Hollywood is so sneaky. Dudes always know exactly how to grab me and keep me, even when I’m only remotely interested in a movie or tv series. They know how easily influenced I can be, how little it takes to make me happy. And somehow they always know exactly what or who to sneak in, and always right before I check out. It happened again this week…

With summer television a veritable wasteland, I decided to take a look at the new ABC series Traveler. It seemed to have all the elements I love in a series — intriguing plot, action scenes, crazy mystery — but I was reserved, casual, since the series (1) was not aired during the regular season, and (2) did not feature a single lead with whom I am familiar. I’m an actor’s fan, so if a series’ premise is not hugely interesting to me right off, it better feature actors that I love or I’m usually not in for the long haul. And Traveler just didn’t seem to have enough going for it, but I decided last week to give it a once-over. Fortunately, the first hour was just intriguing enough to make me come back for a second look. I wasn’t sold yet, but I gave it another chance. And then, in the literal last minute of the second hour, they got me…

… with Neal McDonough

All it takes is one moment. Give me one moment of someone I really enjoy, an actor whose career I follow, and I’m in for good. I’m sure the writers of Traveler won’t use McDonough to the fullest extent of his abilities (very few have, so far), but they’ve done their job with me. He’s a shady character, slick and smooth and certainly self-righteous, and he always shines in these roles. I’ll be there every week. Just like those Hollywood dudes knew I would be.


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