I’m not usually a fan of chick flicks. I’ll generally only see them if the story seems original and fresh or if the players are favorites of mine. Thus, the reason I rented Because I Said So: Gabriel Macht as the romantic lead. Sure, the film was not bad, but had Macht not been featured so heavily, I’m not sure I would have cared for the film.

The story was billed as belonging to Diane Keaton’s character, when actually it became the Mandy Moore show with Keaton her comedic catalyst. This suited me just fine. Moore’s story — that of finding yourself in the midst of the search for love — was the more appealing, the true heart of the movie, the one I could relate to myself. And in the end, not even Keaton’s melodramatic air-sucking could ruin the heart.

Gabriel Macht, a completely underutilized actor and a favorite of mine since American Outlaws, gave the film its emotional resonance. When the film ended, I immediately jumped to the scene menu and played back only his character’s arc, not quite ready to let him go. And it just might be enough to make me purchase this film in time. For now, I am so thankful to the people in Hollywood who gave this man another chance to play the forefront and the opportunity to play a sexy romantic lead. It’s been a long time coming!

Because I Said So is predictable, full of undeveloped characters, and the misuse of Piper Perabo and underuse of Lauren Graham, but it is not unenjoyable. For all its faults, it does provide laughter, warmth, and charm, which is more than most chick flicks can boast.


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