decipher the clues

Each quarter, the girls in my office participate in a Secret Sister gift exchange where we do our best to stay anonymous while gifting our chosen recipient with fun little things to brighten the work days. At the end of the designated period, we have an extended lunch party and hand off the final gifts, thus revealing our identities. This quarter has been especially fun for me as I was able to share my love of pop culture through the gifts, and I was able to make the reveal especially fun and relevant.
crime scene wrapping
My sister/recipient is a fan of true crime novels, so I chose to gift her with John Grisham’s only book of that genre, The Innocent Man. And while that alone was enough, I knew it had to be packaged perfectly in line with that theme. The front of the black wrapping paper featured a Clue-style room with three objects that served as clues to my identity.
crime scene   crime scene wrapping
On the back of the wrapping were close-up views of the three clues, each representing some aspect of me, her Secret Sister:
crime sceneCLUE #1: A Golden Beaver — a combination of the two animals that represent my personality type (i.e. Golden Retriever + Beaver)
CLUE #2: a book entitled, “Confessions of a Pop Culture Junkie”
CLUE #3: cash and jewels representing my position in the Finance Office and a play off my name (Jules)
And in the end, it was a huge hit!


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