Tonight was my first viewing of The Nativity Story after attempting to see it last Christmas and finding every showing sold out time and time again.  I’m actually happy to have waited.  I knew it would be emotional (because, well, I’m just emotional), but I had no idea I would be overwhelmed.  This week, when I have been intentionally focused on the LORD, was the perfect moment to walk through this familiar story.  This week I was able to see with clear eyes what is sometimes clouded during the hustle-bustle of the Christmas season.

For the first hour I was happily walking along with Mary and Joseph, remembering all I had read about the culture and traditions of that time and really pondering just what Joseph must have felt when he realized that he would become father to God Himself.  My heart just filled when he said, “I’m wondering if I’ll ever be able to teach him anything.”  How humbling it must have been for him, a man who probably wanted only honor.  From that point on, my spirit continue to swell until finally the moment arrived.  The Christ was born in the lowliest of settings.

My emotions overflowed from the point where Mary laid Jesus in the manger, to the shepherds’ visit by the angel (although, where was the multitude of heavenly hosts, I ask?!), to the shepherds’ arrival and soon after, the wise men.  When all were bowing before the King of kings, presenting their gifts for wealth, duty and sacrifice, my soul was filled to the point of wrenching sobs.  Sobs of gratitude, of wonder, of all-encompassing praise to the Lord my God for choosing to bless us, all humanity, with His presence and His passion and His death which brought Life.  My soul wells up with hallelujahs.  Even writing this, I am still full.

I thank You, Jesus, for living a human life in order that I may live eternally with You.  Let me never get used to Your story.  Let me never get so comfortable with Your Word that I fail to remember how powerful it is.


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