GOOD GRIEF by Lollly Winston

Genre: Fiction and Literature
ISBN: 0385722206
How Acquired: BookCrossing
Reading Began: June 8, 2005
Completed Reading: June 20, 2005

Overall Rating: Eight out of ten

Recommendation to others: Interesting take on the stages of grief involving a character who becomes more and more relevant as the story progresses.

Comments: Though the book jacket proclaimed this story to be “hilarious”, I found it simply witty. But the main character of Sophie does get more and more interesting throughout the book, and for that reason I was compelled to take her journey to its conclusion. This is a wonderfully realistic portrayal of grief’s stages, as experienced by a thirtysomething woman after only a short marriage, and I could sympathize with all that was portrayed in her story. I appreciated Winston’s inclusion of humor, especially the unexpected moments of it that we know to be realistic when one is experiencing emotional turmoil. This kind of treatment keeps Good Grief grounded, and it’s what makes this book a rewarding read.

Memorable Passages:

Mother would insist that I turn off the TV, shower, get dressed, eat a piece of fruit, and call to rejoin the grief group.

I will call Ruth and then the hospital to find out when the next group meets. I would call, if I could get to the phone. But my limbs are weak and heavy and won’t go. My brain says, Get up, and my body says, Screw you, I’m watching Cops. Chapter 5 (p. 59)

I believe every woman with curly hair has a graveyard of products under her bathroom sink that she resorts to in emergencies such as this. Canisters of mousse, gel, and pomade—each promising to be the miracle cure. And now I’m on my hands and knees, burrowing through the bottles. I choose one: Frizz Eaze—the z’s on the can mirroring my own kinks. I rub the goo between my palms and pat my head. Now my hair has a shellacklike sheen. It’s frizzy, sticky, and crunchy all at once. I give up, tug it into a ponytail, and slide on my glasses for an overview. Great. The librarian look. Allow me to recommend this volume on the Dark Ages. Chapter 18 (p. 184)


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