CROW LAKE by Mary Lawson

Genre: Fiction and Literature
ISBN: 0385337639
How Acquired: BookCrossing
Reading Began: May 15, 2005
Completed Reading: May 18, 2005
Overall Rating: Nine out of ten

Recommendation to others: This small book is packed with emotion. I had to force myself to close it every night just to get a little sleep, and upon waking I wanted nothing more than to continue reading the sad tale.

Why I chose to read this book: I discovered this book on the website for Today Show Book Club. I was curious what types of books were being featured, and I was surprised to have never heard of this one before seeing it there. It deserves much more credit than it is given.

Comments: It has been many months since a book consumed me so completely, held me riveted so that I never wanted to put it down, never wanted to leave the story until it reached its conclusion. Crow Lake is such a story. My heart ached during the reading of this book, rejoiced in the small successes, and placed blamed on so many characters as the tale fleshed itself out; reading this story was like reading a personal history, though I cannot relate to any of the circumstances in my own life. It simply felt as if I was living it myself, the story was presented so well. Crow Lake has more emotional impact than anything I’ve come across in quite some time.

If there is any fault in the book it would be in the constant reminders of “the big mystery” in the tale, those things which will be revealed in time but of which the author persists in reminding that there still is a mystery to be solved. I would have much preferred two statements in two separate acts, rather than a notice in chapter after chapter, as if the reader will forget that there is a climactic moment coming at the end of the tale which determines the fate of the characters. It was repetitive and remedial. But this is the only fault I can point out in the book, save a couple of incomplete or ill-formed sentences. The truth is that Crow Lake is a masterful story told in heartfelt prose with true emotions, rich characters, and harsh realities sugar-coated only by using a child to present the tale. This is the type of book that is welcomed again and again for future readings.


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