Like reconnecting with an old friend

I knew I would watch Numb3rs when it was first being advertised, and I knew it was a treat to see Rob Morrow on tv again, but I never could have guessed how much I would look forward to him each and every week. Just anticipating the show makes me smile. By Friday afternoons, knowing it’s only hours away, I’m positively giddy! And I’ve come to recognize that it’s a direct result of Morrow, moreso than anything or anyone else. And that’s saying something because I’m also a big fan of David Krumholtz, and most especially of his character “Charlie”. But Morrow has won me over in a way I never expected, and in a way that he never did on Northern Exposure.

Sure, I watched the previous show. I loved Northern Exposure! But I recognize now that I wasn’t quite…. mature enough, maybe, for the appeal of Morrow. For me, Northern Exposure was centered around John Corbett. Though I still have great affection for the tremendously wonderful characters in that series, Corbett was my standout. Even above the quirky Joel Fleischman character, endearing as he was. I’ve been thinking a lot about that lately, about how I could have missed the amazing-ness of Morrow in all those seasons of Fleischman, and I’ve decided it’s a simple matter of maturity. Until I reached a level where I could appreciate men (as opposed to guys), I just couldn’t see Morrow as much more than the sum of Fleischman. Now, with his Special Agent Don Eppes character, coupled with his roles in films as varied as Quiz Show to Only Love, I am finally beginning to appreciate the talent and the enormous appeal of Rob Morrow. And yes, I’m excited to finally have that.


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