Genre: Biography
ISBN: 0425199096
How Acquired: Half-Price Books
Reading Began: February 3, 2005
Completed Reading: (abandoned February 9, 2005)

Why I chose to read this book: I assumed this book would be a continuation of Miss Hepburn’s own biography, which was published in 1991, more than ten years prior to this one.

Comments: I read quite faithfully for a full weekend until I found myself deep in the mire of repetition. Except for a few small snippets about Hepburn in her late years, Berg spent the first many chapters rehashing everything that had already been related in the actress’s own memoir. With all of those stories of her childhood and early career so fresh in my mind, I was actually somewhat bored with Berg’s book. I put it down for several days and seriously contemplated abandoning it completely. Taking it up again after the break did nothing to renew my interest. It’s not a bad book, it’s just a rehash of Ms. Hepburn’s autobiography. My suggestion would be to read one, wait a while, then read the other. Then both would be enjoyable.

BE ADVISED: Berg is a true fan of his subject, so much of the book is rose-colored. This does not diminish the story he is telling, but it is something a casual reader should know.


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