From time to time, I really enjoy these type of stories: dirty New York street stories… young people living the lowest form of existence, meeting up with others who want to taste a little bit of that for themselves. And if it’s presented as a romance, all the better. For some reason, every once in a while, this appeals to me. Love the Hard Way is a great entry into this category.

I’m not sure I would’ve ever picked it up had Adrien Brody not been a part of it, but I’m glad that it came to my attention. It’s a quiet film, subtly played, with terrific actors as genuine characters. The romance is unbalanced, unsettling, and the pieces of the story fall into place easily and without grandeur. I felt as much for Jack (Brody’s character) as I did for his friend Charlie as I did for his girlfriend Claire. It’s quite rare to feel attached and endeared to every major character in a film, but this one has all of that. Even with the destructive turns that each character took, I still felt sympathy and interest in each of them. Which is what made this film so enjoyable to me.

It was refreshing to find Jon Seda in this film, as I never have enough opportunity to see him, but Brody was my center here. And he’s in almost every scene, so it was quite a treat to have so full an experience with him. It has only further cemented my affection for him as an actor. I like getting to know a bit more of his real-life self by seeing the small bits he added to Jack, and I enjoyed that the film was shot in Queens, which Brody knows so well. It gives me a small sense of where he comes from, and I’m always looking for these types of details. Love the Hard Way serves as a bridge for getting more familiar with this actor that I’m slowly coming to adore.


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