Genre: Seasonal Fiction
ISBN: 0385508417
How Acquired:
Reading Began: December 21, 2004
Completed Reading: December 24, 2004

Overall rating: Seven out of ten

Recommendation to others: See the movie if you want, but definitely read the book. Charming and fun.

Why I chose to read this book: John Grisham’s faith mirrors my own, so I was very intrigued by a story about people choosing to forego Christmas. Grisham never fails me.

Comments: Though I had this book for two years already, something felt wrong about reading it after the Christmas season (or before, for that matter), so it’s only now that I’ve taken time to really indulge. And indulge is a terrific description for the experience of reading this book. It’s silly and wacky, but enormously charming and straightforward. Christmas has been so commercialized that it’s hard for anyone, even those of steadfast faith, to find its true meaning amidst the twinkle lights. Grisham has shared a wonderful tale of one’s man attempt to ignore the season and all of its trappings, only to become the recipient of the truest Christmas spirit. I was charmed, and I look forward to reading this little story each and every year.


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