Funny thing, momentum.

Once it’s lost, it’s truly gone. And everything changes. Most recently, that loss occurred with Rescue Me. I watched the first two episodes; I liked them, even with all the squirming and cringing I did. But after that, the next two weeks, I couldn’t find time to watch them. The Olympics is a big draw for me, so I just taped the next two weeks of Rescue Me. Even then, I had to catch the repeat airings as I’d completely forgotten it was on. Not a good sign. If I can’t remember a show is airing, I’ll generally toss it aside and find something else to watch. I might wonder what is happening from time to time, but I’ll never usually return to catch up. And that’s the fate of Rescue Me. I’ve not even cared to catch up. And now, with the new tv season upon me, I’m ready to move on. I’m sure I’ve missed some great moments, some poignant scenes, but it’s not high on my radar. My only thoughts come when Denis Leary shows up on a preview for a talk show, and even then it’s simply an acknowledgement of how good he’s looking these days. But that’s not enough to make me watch his show.

Loss of momentum can be the death of a thing.


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