Summer Film Series – Vol. 2, No. 11: THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW

August 27, 2004, at Movies 7, Sherman, Texas

We originally intended to see this film on the weekend of its release, but schedules never allowed us to get there. We almost missed it at the discount theater, even, but finally found a way to see this. And I’m so glad we did! It’s the kind of movie that must be viewed on a giant screen. Never mind the faulty science and preposterous claims, never mind the sensationalism… this flick is just cool! [That was an unintentional pun, but it really is.]

What impressed me most was the way I forgot all about the actors and just got caught up in the story. It’s happened to me before in disaster films, and I can’t say this was the best of them, but it’s what I expect of this type of film and Tomorrow didn’t disappoint. I was captivated by the tornadoes (though seeing the Capitol Records building demolished was truly heart-breaking), and the tremendous waves were awe-inspiring. I’m sure my eyes were large as half-dollars, and I know I talked through the whole film about how magnanimous was the destruction. That’s the point of a disaster flick, and that’s why this one succeeded.

I was also thoroughly impressed with how secondary the actors were to me. I love Dennis Quaid, and I enjoy seeing familiar actors pop up in movies — this one had plenty: Ian Holm, Perry King, Sela Ward, Tamlyn Tomita, Dash Mihok(!); only one of which I knew about prior to the opening credits — but I truly had no thoughts on them during the entire film. Usually I’m distracted by how much I like or don’t like an actor, usually that colors their roles/performances for me, but in this film I was completely drawn into the story and gave the actors no extra thought. Completely rare, but fully enjoyable for me. Not even Jake Gyllenhaal, whom I have come to respect more with each movie he makes, could distract me from the story at hand. In the end, the star of this film was the weather — water and then ice.

And that’s truly delightful.


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