How I missed this, I’ll never know. I’m all about tv, and I read the entertainment mags, so how could I not have heard about this show? I hate coming into something after it’s begun.

I’ve seen two episodes now, and I’m glued. I was hooked at first sight of Cooper Day, I think, but the stories being told and the rest of the family characters are terrific, as well. This is so much my kind of show. It’s my kind of humor told in my world… several of my worlds, actually. I get Cooper’s outlook, his personality, because I lived there too, at that age. Sometimes I still do. It’s hard to shake the person you were at fifteen. Even twenty years later, I still find my experiences colored by the personality I developed at fifteen. I still feel the same insecurities, the same motivations, the same uncertainty about life. It really never gets easier. And Cooper Day is the 2004 mirror of that person.

I’m also drawn to the parents, Abby and Jack. Abby followed her heart early on and chose the life she has, but she’s also curious about the “what ifs” (relating to a former lover). I can relate to her internal exploration of those “what ifs”, all the while remaining true to the life she’s established. And Jack… well, Jack I know all too well. Suddenly, as adults, we are forced to face the reasons we chose certain life paths, and sometimes we can’t justify the decisions. Sometimes we just want to try again, start over. And Jack is working through that, having quit his job and ignoring his responsibilities (to a point). I get that. I do that! And I often want to simply check out and forget that I even have to deal with any of it. Jack is the personification of an inner self I’ve battled for most of my life. Jack gives me an outlet to imagine my own “what ifs”. To explore how I came to this place where I am.

I get an Almost Famous vibe from The Days. The coming-of-age story at all levels of growth — childhood, teenage, young adult, parenthood, and especially long-term relationships. It has the quirky vibe that I loved so much in My So-Called Life, albeit without the hard edges of current teen angst. But I feel for The Days what I felt for Almost Famous — that someone finally understood my heart; that someone could finally put into words all of the affections I had developed and all of the experiences I dreamed of. Even Cooper’s hair is reminiscent of William Miller/Patrick Fugit. (And did I also hear correctly this week that a teacher on the show is named “Fugit”? And Natalie sang “Tiny Dancer” in one scene? Coincidence?) The Days has captivated me. I fear for its continuance, but for one small moment in the summer of this year, I am happy to welcome this show into my heart.


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