Joel Edgerton, Part Deux

Funny how a passing interest or, rather, curiosity can color the way I view a film. During Ned Kelly, with Heath Ledger and Orlando Bloom burning up the screen and holding my full attention, I still managed to be distracted by Joel Edgerton. I was watching for him, and at the beginning of the film he is none-too-special… certainly not in a way that would distract me from the two leads. But as the story progressed, and his character turned into a pivotal player (even with just a smattering of screen time), I was drawn further and further to him. He intrigues me. He is simple, rather ordinary, and yet he pulls me toward him and makes me want to know more about him. To see him more often. To introduce others to him. I think I’ll call this phenomenon the “Liev Syndrome”. Such a pleasant experience in which these actors to whom I can attribute this type of interest hold a special place in my heart and are generally ingrained for all time. Tom Burlinson, Liev Schreiber, Billy Boyd, and now Joel Edgerton.

Of course, it should be no wonder about Edgerton. He is Australian, after all. Talk about coloring your perception!


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