Knights of the Round Table, Part Two: Joel Edgerton and Hugh Dancy

Gawain and Galahad, respectively. Also known as young Owen Lars (Star Wars) and Prince Charming (Ella Enchanted), respectively. And yet I never knew them prior to their knightship. Hmmm…

I freely admit to being captivated on appearances alone, though more with Edgerton than with Dancy. It’s that Heath-Ledger-Knight’s-Tale hair… um… style, I’m certain of it; it really gets under my skin. And it works on Edgerton. Does it ever! I was drawn to him almost immediately, though, admittedly, only when Ioan Gruffudd was turning to him and not before… that Ioan had my rapt attention up to that point. To learn he was playing my beloved Gawain just put the icing on the cake. And sealed his place in my pop culture consciousness. I was actually shocked to learn that he had played Owen Lars in Episode II, and I have been racking my brain to get a good sense of him from that. I can see his face, even hear some of his lines, but he’s a non-persona in that role. I’m hoping for more development in the next film, just to get another chance with this actor.

Hugh Dancy is just Galahad to me now. I’ve yet to see Ella Enchanted, but the pictures of him from that are barely appealing to me. I think it’s the clean-shaven-ness of his prince. I much prefer his bearded, shaggy Galahad. But the jury is still out on Dancy. And even if there is nothing more in him, for me, I’m quite content with his knight. Quite content, indeed.

Next up for Joel Edgerton – Ned Kelly in which he must compete for my attention with Heath Ledger and Orlando Bloom; and Star Wars: Episode III

Next for Hugh Dancy – for me, it’s gotta be the prince in Ella Enchanted


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