I keep coming back to Clive Owen…

I’m sure it’s because of his recent turn as King Arthur, but he’s been in the forefront of my mind for a while now. Not that it’s a bad thing, of course…

My first exposure to Clive Owen was, same as most American fans, in the BMW Film Series. I returned to those short films over the weekend, in fact, as Clive was really on my mind. He’s just mesmerizing in the role of the driver, and I love that he had little more to do than fancy driving and a stoic persona, yet he captivated me. He’s simply intoxicating, and it’s mostly from his eyes.

They hold me, those eyes, and make me want to know everything there is to know about the man. It’s the eyes that draw me to him, followed closely by his voice. Not the accent, though, like most other British interests of mine. Just the quality of his voice. I soar at the quickest word from him. Evidence of this comes in The Bourne Identity, where he had few speaking lines but filled the screen nonetheless with his presence. And when he did speak, it drew attention. Mesmerizing. At the time, all of my newfound interest in him culminated in one BMW spot – The Follow – when he was sitting in the airport watching the woman sleeping, realizing that she had been beaten by the man for whom he was working. His subtle study of her face was truly moving, and my affection was cemented.

I’ve gone on, since the BMW spots, to see his performances in Croupier (LOVED IT!), Gosford Park (really enjoyable, and I was surprisingly unfocused on him alone), and Beyond Borders (which is so very close to my heart — the story and his character. My affection for the movie grows with each thought of it, and his character is the number one reason for that affection). The Bourne Identity is a given, of course, and with King Arthur newly released, he dwells in my thoughts. I look forward to much, much more from him, including his upcoming project Derailed. I wasn’t looking forward to it, especially when the focus went to Jennifer Aniston, but the more I read about the story, the more excited I am to see him play the lead. And it’s a much-deserved lead role, I might add. I look forward to seeing him come into the general consciousness of the American viewing audience.


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