Knights of the Round Table, Part One: Ioan Gruffudd

Sure, I know that Ioan Gruffudd is not new to many audiences, but I was never really interested in the Horatio Hornblower series. I’ve seen a movie or two, and I remember thinking that the lead actor was quite appealing and charming. But it never stuck with me. His face was always vaguely familiar, but I wasn’t interested enough to research it. And then he showed up on Century City, and I’ve been watching for him everywhere.

Of course, Century City failed, but I received one more chance this summer. And he has sealed it by playing Lancelot in King Arthur. Who would have thought that anyone could draw my attention from Clive Owen? Ioan Gruffudd has done just that, and more. His Lancelot was all I had ever envisioned when delving into legends of Camelot, and yet he was more, as well. Gruffudd burned up the screen during Arthur (and most especially with Keira Knightley), and I’m certain I’ll never see him the same way again. I’m at least certain that I’ll now see him, wherever he is and whatever he does.

The funny thing is, I’ve been seeing him for years now and never, ever noticed. Not in Titanic (though I can call him up at a moment’s notice when you mention it), not in Black Hawk Down (must watch again soon… there are just too many fellows in that film that I missed!), and not in The Forsyte Saga (though I’ll be watching that one soon, as well). Ioan Gruffudd is about to become a household name for me. Even playing Mr. Fantastic in The Fantastic Four. If I can accept Eric Bana and Tobey Maguire, I can certainly accept this. And will look forward to it all the more. Though I’m certain he’ll always be Lancelot in my star-struck eyes.


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