Summer Film Series – Vol. 2, No. 7: KING ARTHUR

July 9th at Cinemark Town Center, Sherman, TX

King Arthur was probably my most anticipated film of the summer. At the top with The Bourne Supremacy, but in a completely different category. For me, the legends of Camelot are wondrous, and to have Clive Owen cast in the title role is as if Hollywood made this film just for me. And to have the stories rooted in historical context was just the greatest thing I’d ever heard. I went straight to theater on my first day off after the film opened, and I wasn’t the least bit disappointed. Critics don’t know anything.
The film is captivating. It was equal parts drama, humor, epic and romantic, with a healthy dose of bravado thrown in for spice. And it all seemed to work. I never squirmed at the plot (Well, until the end, with Lancelot. His last scene was a bit more than expected, and I’m still not entirely comfortable with it.), and I wasn’t perturbed at the latitude taken with much-loved legacy. I accepted it all as if it had always been fact, and I had no trouble believing that this could have been the Arthur of history. In the end, I was not even sure that I hadn’t known this story all along… except that bit with Lancelot. It’s still a point of contention with me.
My love for this film is mostly a love for the characters and actors within, I suppose. I fell for several knights just like I had at ten years old, and I now have new faces to put to their legends. It’s tough to release Rupert Everett from the cloak of Lancelot, but I much prefer Ioan Gruffudd in this role. He just embodies the Lancelot I always envisioned. The others, as well. And Keira Knightley is even moreso a favorite of mine. Of course, I can never say enough for Clive Owen. I even loved the villains, bless their evil little hearts. Character after character enhanced the story for me, and actor after actor pulled me further in.
I’ve read that Antoine Fuqua set out to make a very different film than what was released and that we will likely get that film on DVD. I look forward to it! While the theatrical release was everything I hoped for and much more than I dreamed, it still has plenty of room for improvement. With Fuqua’s original vision restored for home viewing, I imagine a much greater Arthur to savor.
And so, much like I do with American Outlaws, I shall cherish this film for all it gives me (the knights) and all that it is. And I look forward to proving the rest of the world wrong.


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