Summer Film Series – Vol. 2, No. 8: 13 GOING ON 30

July 16th at Movies Seven, Sherman, TX (ticket price: $1.00)

I love Jennifer Garner, both in her big-time Alias gig, and from the first role I ever saw her in — Hannah on Felicity. Her performance in 13 Going On 30 is pure joy. And I can’t think of another actress more perfect for the role than Garner. She just seems like a teenager in a woman’s body, someone who looks at life from a child’s perspective. And that’s refreshing. Not since Big have I felt that this storyline was enjoyable, but I truly did with this film.
The movie is a great deal of fun, with all of the usual romantic comedy elements, but Garner’s appeal and Mark Ruffalo’s terrific portrayal of unrequited love give this movie heart. A lot of heart. I was pulling for them the entire film; even knowing that it was somewhat trite and used up as a storyline, I still wanted them to have each other in the end. And the two actors kept this movie from becoming just another sappy little love story. But just barely. It’s the kind of movie I look forward to revisiting, but not for a few years. For now, it was an afternoon well spent.
Plus, it featured songs from the 80s and a crush on Rick Springfield. You just can’t beat that!


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