Summer Film Series – Vol. 2, No. 3: THE TERMINAL

June 27th at Cinemark Town Center, Sherman, TX

With the exception of Ladykillers, Tom Hanks delights me in virtually everything he does. On my top 25 favorite films of all time sits That Thing You Do, so that might help anyone understand where I come from. I’m just a huge fan. The Terminal was a giant scoop of ice cream with caramel topping and a cherry on top. Everything I love… in a movie.
The beginning of the film has Hanks speaking no English other than what’s written on an instruction sheet he’s brought with him – “Yellow taxi, please to 161 Lexington Avenue”. As a citizen of fictional Eastern European Krakhozia, Hanks is endearing. Just charming. And I was mesmerized by him the entire film. His struggles in the airport became my own struggles, and his joys, my joys. Throughout the entire two hours, I forgot about Tom Hanks and was rooting for Viktor Navorski.
The story of The Terminal captivated me, as well. It was sentimental, heartwarming and truly the story of an underdog. By the time I learned the motives for Viktor’s trip to America, I was emotionally attached to him and his plight. I was even hoping he could form a relationship with Catherine Zeta-Jones’s character, despite the fact that she was clearly “beneath” Viktor on an emotional level. I honestly felt he was too good for her, yet I wanted him to be happy and rooted for the two of them. I just felt so strongly about his character. And for that reason, I think The Terminal is terrific. It is time well-spent, and I’m anxious to revisit it in the future.


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