Summer Film Series – Vol. 2, No. 4: SPIDER-MAN 2

July 4th at Cinemark in McKinney, TX

Spider-Man holds a dear place in my heart; my friend Nate spent a full year giving me the comic book backstory for the character, so when I saw the first film in 2002, I was completely enamored. I loved knowing some of the history behind the characters, and I loved knowing where some things would be headed if sequels were produced. I also really dig Tobey Maguire, so the Spider-Man movies could really do no wrong by me.
Spider-Man 2 has been even more fun. Critics love it, the actors have mostly embraced their roles (though I was not loving Kirsten Dunst’s performance in this one), and the whole movie just seems to have a lot of fun. I especially liked the fact that this film’s villain, Doc Ock, was actually a tortured soul rather than a deranged lunatic like Green Goblin. [Gotta love Willem Dafoe, but the man’s a crazy in the first film.] There just seemed to be more heart in this sequel. More emotional impact. Even the CGI was seamless; I didn’t notice any transition from live action to digital until the two last shots of Spidey. And it clearly set up the scene for a third film, which is the best thing a franchise can do for itself. I cannot wait for James Franco to take on the villain role, even though he’ll be named “Hobgoblin”. Ugh. I still think that’s the stupidest name in all of comic-dom.
Spider-Man 2 filled the void that every summer film season brings to me. All I seek during the hot weather months is a movie that will transport me in story and emotion and location, allowing me to live in someone else’s world for two hours in an afternoon. I don’t ask much of summer flicks, but I do ask that they take me away from myself and everything that’s going on in my world. They are true “popcorn flicks”, and this summer, Spider-Man 2 is the cream of the crop. I’ll enjoy it for years to come, and I’ll always hold it dear.
Plus, I really dig Tobey Maguire.


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