Summer Film Series – Vol. 2, No. 2: TWO BROTHERS

June 25th at Cinemark in McKinney, TX

I had a slight interest in this film prior to its release, but had no urgent plans to rush out upon its release. I was already planning to spend time with Kolby and Dylan over the weekend, and upon further thought decided this would be the perfect movie to share with Kolby. Was it ever!
The entire movie is in the two tigers, but it is one of the most expressive films I’ve seen in a very long time. Sure, it tugged my heartstrings and stirred my wanderlust, but on its own merits, this film is a real gem. The story really plays out nicely with a lot of action balanced by tender and funny moments. The human actors are simply included to transition the scenes, and yet I still found a great love of the character played by Guy Pearce. His character was my favorite thing about it, though still second to the tigers. The two tigers – Kumal and Sangha – are meant to steal the movie, and they do… right until the very end.
Above everything else, though, was the fact that Kolby wasn’t bored at all until the last five minutes. By then, the two tigers had been reunited, so there seemed to be no further story to tell. Still, he endured the entire film and walked out of the theater asking lots of questions about tigers, and Sangha and Kumal in particular. We even had a short discussion about why some people kill animals in the wild. Kolby’s reaction during the film was worth any price; he actually sat on the edge of his seat at least four times during the two hours, and he exclaimed out loud several times in response to the action onscreen. The two tigers had to be safe for all the running Kolby was telling them to do!
In the end, this movie is to be added to my DVD library. I loved it that much and want to share it with everyone I know.


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