THE BEST AWFUL by Carrie Fisher

Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 0684809133
Place of Purchase:
Reading Began: June 2004
Completed Reading: ABANDONED after 4 chapters
Overall rating: Three out of ten

Comments: I have always loved Carrie Fisher’s novels. I love her humor. I love what she can do with a Hollywood script. You can understand my surprise at how much I hated this book. I plodded through four chapters and finally just gave up. Maybe it’s that my affection for Fisher’s work is not as great as I always believed. Maybe I just didn’t enjoy this story. Maybe I don’t like Suzanne Vale. Maybe I never liked her. I’ll never really know the reason, but I know I had no desire to continue reading The Best Awful. It was, yes, awful. Perhaps someone will convince me that I just gave up too quickly, and I’ll read this later in my life. Perhaps not. Either way, I’m not sorry to have let this book move along on its journey. I’m only sorry that my faith in Carrie Fisher has been marred.


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