FALLING ANGELS by Tracy Chevalier

Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 0525945814
Place of Purchase: library loan
Reading Began: November 2003
Completed Reading: November 2003

Overall rating: Five out of ten

Recommendation to others: A nice supplemental read after Chevalier’s Girl With A Pearl Earring. The sentiments are not as profound, but the story is engaging.

Why I chose to read this book: After being captivated by Girl, I hoped to continue the feeling by reading another from the same author.

Comments: I longed for more depth of emotion than I found in Falling Angels, but I cannot say it was a disappointment. It simply can’t be compared to Girl With A Pearl Earring. The story is told through the eyes of a young girl who is coping with a restless mother and societal changes in post-Victorian England. The story does not dig deep enough into some threads, but it comes alive toward the end of the book when the mother begins her obsession with the women’s suffrage movement and her family must learn to live within those changing boundaries. The depth of Angels is in its setting: Chevalier is so thorough in her research and description that one can easily get lost in the narrative as if it were one’s own.


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