FINDING GOD IN "THE LORD OF THE RINGS" by Kurt D. Bruner and Jim Ware

Genre: Religion & Spirituality
ISBN: 0842355715
Place of Purchase: not sure… perhaps Christian Book Distributors? Maybe eBay.
Reading Began: October 2003
Completed Reading: October 2003

Overall rating: Five out of ten

Recommendation to others: For those people who are interested in the Christian perspective of what Tolkien wrote in The Lord of the Rings, this book is a good commentary.

Why I chose to read this book: Much love for Tolkien’s masterpiece and a deep connection to the Christian allegory in his story.

Comments: The authors chose not to present a definitive commentary on a book that can hardly be analyzed in simple exposition, but rather wrote this book as one of impressions they felt while reading Lord of the Rings on their own. Much of what they said were thoughts I had during my own readings, but on occasion I gained a new perspective on Tolkien’s chapters that had not occurred to me originally.

I believe this book would be a useful tool for (a) non-Christians who love Lord of the Rings, and (b) Christians who hesitate to read Lord of the Rings or see the Peter Jackson films. This book serves to open up both worlds to people who might be resistant in one arena or the other.


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