LOST IN A GOOD BOOK by Jasper Fforde

Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 0670031909
Place of Purchase: BarnesandNoble.com
Reading Began: September 2003
Completed Reading: September 2003

Overall rating: Nine out of ten

Recommendation to others: As sequels go, this one is magnificent. The Eyre Affair seemed a complete novel, but upon reading this second offering I became aware of how introductory that first novel was. This is where the story really begins, and it’s a non-stop story from start to finish. If you’re not hooked on Thursday Next at the end of this book, there just may be no hope for you.

Why I chose to read this book: Why, Thursday, of course!

Further reading by this author: continue in the series with The Well of Lost Plots and Something Rotten

Comments: Lost In A Good Book has probably the most inventive story I’ve ever read. Thursday Next has discovered her ability to jump into and out of books at will, and in this installment she must use that ability to escape those who are out to destroy her. We lose Landen along the way (though not completely), and we are introduced to the world inside of books — the literal inside, where stories are written and plots are devised and fictional characters move about and interact freely when not being “read” in the real world. It’s a fascinating look at what we simply take for granted, and I found myself paying much closer attention to the stories I was reading as a result of Fforde’s work here. I cannot begin to describe how enjoyable this story is, but I know it is one I’ll return to again and again, each time finding something fresh and imaginative.

Favorite Characters: When the Cheshire Cat shows up in charge of the Great Library, I was hooked forever. [And moreso when the entire book refers to him as “Unitary Authority of Warrington Cat”, noting how the county boundaries of Cheshire had been moved. Ha!]

Miss Haversham is also here, which makes me want to read Great Expectations so much more now… if only to juxtapose Fforde’s creation with the literary one. Great fun!


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