THE KING OF TORTS by John Grisham

Genre: Legal Fiction
ISBN: 0385508042
Place of Purchase: Sam’s Club
Reading Began: March 2003
Completed Reading: March 2003

Overall rating: Six out of ten

Recommendation to others: For fans of Grisham, this is in keeping with his tried-and-true style and pace. It might not be as enjoyable for readers who are not diehard fans.

Why I chose to read this book: I read everything John Grisham publishes, and I like his legal fiction best. I just look forward to reading whatever he publishes, sight unseen and premise unknown.

Further reading by this author: The Last Juror goes a step further than The King of Torts in steering away from strictly legal plot devices to develop the main character on a deeper level.

Comments: I enjoyed this book immensely, especially in the deeper development of the lead character over legal tidbits and action sequences. It was a nice change of pace but still stayed with what Grisham does so well, that of legal drama. There was also quite a bit of humor in this book, and the action seemed to take a real-time pace instead of rushing through various scenes to get to a key sequence. It seems to be a bridge, of sorts, between his former legal dramas and the personal books he has been publishing of late (A Painted House, Skipping Christmas), wherein the primary character in The King of Torts is not completely consumed with his legal work but rather worries more about his own life and puts his job on the side of it. That made for a nice departure with just enough legal shots to satisfy me.


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