THE EYRE AFFAIR by Jasper Fforde

Genre: Fiction & Literature
ISBN: 0670030643
Place of Purchase: Library Loan
Reading Began: October 2002
Completed Reading: October 2002

Overall rating: Eight out of ten

Recommendation to others: Get thee to a bookstore, forthwith!

Why I chose to read this book: I believe I saw a review of it in Entertainment Weekly, and I can usually trust those reviews. The premise was so – um – novel that it was refreshing. And how can you resist a character named Thursday Next?

Further reading by this author: Lost In A Good Book; The Well of Lost Plots; Something Rotten

Comments: This novel features the most inventive plot devices I’ve seen in a very long time. A true original, in my opinion, that defies genres and captivates the reader. I fell for Thursday Next upon reading only her name, and she has proven to be a delightful, complex heroine to whom I can also relate. The blending of modern story into classic literature is a treat which has also influenced my reading list. I will read Jane Eyre immediately upon completion of this novel, just to see the similarities between the original story and The Eyre Affair. [We need not get into the reasons I never read it previously.] I look forward to revisiting this first novel again, armed with a better knowledge of the original. I’m certain I’ll revisit the Thursday Next books time and again throughout my lifetime.

Jasper Fforde is my new Grisham – an author I will rush toward when new titles are released, books that I will devour in as short a time as possible.

Favorite Characters: Well, Thursday Next, of course. And Rochester. Thursday’s dad is a special treat with his time-shifting; some of the best moments in the book are his questions and suggestions about the past that you realize are creating the present that we know. I also really liked her partner Bowden Cable, though he had to grow on me for much of the book.

Favorite Passages: So many scenes have stuck with me since first reading this book, but a couple seem to return more often than most. Both seem to be foreshadowing, so I keep waiting to see them played out in future books.

(during a time disturbance)
Suddenly, the doors to the cafeteria burst open and a woman pushed her way out. She was carrying a gun and pushing a man in front of her, who stumbled as they hurried out. Bowden pulled me behind a parked van. We peered cuatiously out and saw the woman had unwelcome company; several men had appeared seemingly from nowhere and all of them were armed.

“What the?—” I whispered, suddenly realizing what was happening. “That’s me!”

And so it was. I looked slightly older but it was definitely me. Bowden had noticed too.

“I’m not sure I like what you’ve done with your hair.”

“You prefer it long?”

“Of course.”

We watched as one of the three men told the other me to drop her gun. I-me-she said something we couldn’t hear and then put her gun down, releasing her hold on the man, who was then grabbed roughly by one of the other men.

“What’s going on?” I asked, thoroughly confused.

“We’ve got to go!” replied Bowden.

“And leave me like this?”


He pointed to the car. It was shaking slightly as a localized gust of wind seemed to batter it.

“I can’t leave her—me—in this predicament!”

But Bowden was pulling me toward the car, which was rocking more violently and starting to fade.


I struggled free, pulled out my automatic and hid it behind one of the wheels of the nearest car, then ran after Bowden and leaped into the back of the Speedster. Chapter 27, p. 282

(at Thursday’s wedding reception)
There were two of them. They were dressed in sharp suits and displayed SpecOps-12 badges that I hadn’t seen before. [skip forward] His younger partner also had something to say:

“A piece of advice to you,” he muttered slightly self-consciously. “If you ever have a son who wants to be in the ChronoGuard, try and dissuade him.”

He smiled and followed his partner in their quest for my father.

“What was that son thing about?” asked Landen.

“I don’t know. He looked kind of familiar, though, didn’t he?” Chapter 36, p. 372


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