THE SUMMONS by John Grisham

Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 0385503822
Place of Purchase: Sam’s Club
Reading Began: May 2002
Completed Reading: May 2002

Overall rating: Seven out of ten

Recommendation to others: I found this to be one of the better Grisham books, and one that moved slightly away from the legal drama and dealt with more personal, character drama. It was highly enjoyable and kept me involved. One of my top Grisham recommendations.

Why I chose to read this book: John Grisham… pure and simple.

Further reading by this author: Pretty much anything he’s ever written, but in keeping with the style of this story, I’d suggest The Testament or The Street Lawyer since they tend to move the focus from legal drama to characters.

Comments: The Summons captivated me at an early point and kept my interest until the end. It’s one of the only Grisham books that I didn’t figure out until it was laid out before me, and I really enjoyed the suspense. I didn’t immediately like the protagonist, but I found myself warming to him throughout the story until I was really rooting for him in the end. I’ve even thought about several scenes again and again, long after reading them for the first time. And that’s why I never sell or loan my John Grisham books. I know I’ll want to reread them throughout my lifetime.

Favorite Characters: I did like the main character, Ray, but he had to grow on me. However, I loved Judge Atlee, though he appeared only in references and memories. With the story centered around his life and his actions, the judge became the most interesting aspect of the book.


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